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Alison Cox, Ann O’ Leary

Lighting the Way: Historic Women of SouthCoast expands the historical narrative by illuminating the influence and contributions of women from diverse backgrounds connected to the SouthCoast region. We believe the profiles shared through this project have the potential to inspire young people, to spark their imagination, and to offer them an entry point for further investigations into historical research. Through these stories, learners of all ages can engage in the practice of historical thinking, perspective taking, connection making, and critical questioning.

We are currently partnering with SouthCoast educators to explore ways to include this content in school curriculum. Over the 2018-2019 school year, we will pilot a variety of opportunities for young people to engage with the profiles of these historic women. The resulting student and teacher products, along with an overarching framework for teaching with the women’s stories, will be shared on this site. We invite you to watch this space as we develop our gallery of student and teacher Lighting the Way projects.

Past Event: Educator Workshop

Amplifying History: Learning from the Lives of Women
On June 25 & 26, 2019, New Bedford Whaling Museum hosted a free professional development workshop for educators.

Pictures of Practice

As part of our pilot program, students will be supported by educators to research and write a profile of Historic Women.
Florence Eastman-v1, By Alison Cox with Ann O’ Leary

Teacher Resources

Curriculum Source Limitations Debriefing
Curriculum Paraphrasing Playlist
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Curriculum Source Limitations

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