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New Bedford Whaling Museum

Lighting the Way: Historic Women of SouthCoast explores the historical impact of women from the region. As educators and philanthropists, abolitionists and crusaders for social justice, investors and confectioners, sister sailors and millworkers, women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds have shaped their SouthCoast communities, the nation, and the world. Lighting the Way is unearthing remarkable stories of women’s callings that required grit, tenacity, and enduring commitment to their families, careers and communities.

Lighting the Way is amplifying history by revealing these previously untold stories of vision, determination, and perseverance, and by exploring connections between historical figures. Guided by a committee of individuals and organizations from throughout the region, Lighting the Way is enhancing our understanding of history, and enriching the cultural life of the SouthCoast.

In addition to extensive research, Lighting the Way encompasses a historical walking trail in downtown New Bedford with accompanying trail map and mobile app. A school curriculum framework supports educators to bring these stories into the classroom by providing valuable resources. Lighting the Way will mark the 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment and women’s right to vote with a traveling exhibit, riveting speakers, city-wide events in New Bedford, public art, and other engaging programs.


Committee Members:

Chrissie Bascom, Project Designer
Valerie Bassett, Women’s Fund
Jo-Ann Beaulieu, Association For The Relief Of Aged Women
Jewelle Bickford
Lee Blake, New Bedford Historical Society
Mary Jean Blasdale
Nancy Braitmayer
Penny Cole, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Volunteer
Kate Corkum
Nancy Crosby
Jan DaSilva, New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park
Zoe Hansen-DiBello
Priscilla Ditchfield, New Bedford Art Museum
Joan Dolian
Pam Donnelly, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Trustee
Kate Fentress
Gail Fortes, YWCA
Rosemary Gill, Zeiterion Theater 
Sarah Herman, Our Sisters’ School
Willow Hoagland, Bristol Community College
Nan Johnson
Betsy Kellog
Deb Kovacs
Ann Marie Lopes, New Bedford Cable Access
Judy Lund
Ivy MacMahon, Researcher/Genealogist
Cyndi Marland, Dartmouth Cable Access
Maureen McCarthy, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Volunteer Council President
Ashley Occhino, New Bedford Art Museum
Roseanne O’Connell, Association For The Relief Of Aged Women
Ann O’Leary, Emily Bourne Fellow
Molly O’Leary, Researcher
Lisa Parent
Denise Porche, Island Foundation
Cathy Roberts, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Trustee
Sarah Rose, New Bedford Whaling Museum – Project Organizer
Jessica Ross, Harvard School of Education
Susan Rothschild, Association For The Relief Of Aged Women
Dawn Estabrooks Salerno, Rotch-Jones-Duff House and Garden Museum
Tinker Saltonsall
Vanessa Santos, New Bedford Public School
Tina Schmid, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Trustee
Maryellen Shachoy, New Bedford Whaling Museum, Trustee
Dedee Shattuck, Dedee Shattuck Gallery
Mary Howland Smoyer, Boston Women’s Heritage Trail
Jane Stankiewicz, Community Nurse
Ellen Stone
Margot Stone
Alison Wells
Kim Wilson, University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth
Jennifer Wolfe Webb 

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