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The museum’s Lighting the Way Project Coordinator, Cathy Saunders, the Curator of Maritime History, Michael P. Dyer, and our team of Whaling Museum docents explore three familiar New Bedford Whaling Museum galleries through a new lens – the work of women. Women’s work, both paid and unpaid, has always shaped history. This virtual tour sheds new light on three eras of our local history and how critical women were during those periods, while introducing women of Lighting the Way: Historic Women of the SouthCoast.

The virtual tour heads to sea to learn about the lives of “whaling wives,” and then explores the work of colonial English women in 17th century. The tour makes its final stop with stories from the 19th and 20th century women in the textile industry.

Presented by Lighting the Way: Historic Women of the SouthCoast and the Local History Guild.

This program made possible in part by Homelight.

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