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How to Search the Lighting the Way Profiles

Searching by Year, Location, or Topic:  Use the pull down menus to view women’s profiles by Year (or century in which they lived), Location, or Topic. Under each of these categories are sub-categories that narrow the search.

Find women who fall into multiple categories by applying filters. Click on the magnifying glass icon and a search box will open. Then click on the down arrow to reveal a checklist of categories.

Finding Related Women:  There are three ways to find profiles related (or with similarities) to each other. At the bottom of each woman’s profile is the header “Click on photos or keywords below to find related profiles.” Beneath this header:

  • Four women’s pictures are shown. Click on one to see her profile.
  • A folder icon is followed by a list of categories, e.g., “19th Century” or “New Bedford.” Click one of these words to see all the women who fall into that category.
  • A string of keyword tags is visible at the bottom. Click on one of the tags, e.g, “Civic Engagement” or “First,” to see all the women who also have that tag.

Using Your Own Terms to Search: Click on the magnifying glass icon and a search box will open. Type in any term and WordPress searches all the profiles for that term.

Exploring the Keyword Tag Cloud: Click any word in the tag cloud to see all the women who are tagged with that keyword. The keywords are listed alphabetically. The size of the word is in relation to the number of women who are tagged.

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