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Digital Exhibit & Mobile Tour

Organizing New Bedford: Women Who Mobilized Change is a new digital exhibit and mobile tour that explores the countless ways women have mobilized residents of “The City that Lit the World” to create positive change. Through stories, images, videos and supplemental resources, trace the history of these movements and the legacies of seven historic New Bedford women from Lighting the Way.

To encourage the use of Organizing New Bedford: Women Who Mobilized Change in the classroom, a collection of curriculum alignments and supplemental resources is available on the Lighting the Way Education tab.

Explore Organizing New Bedford: Women Who Mobilized Change on the Rhode Tour platform.

Organizing New Bedford 4 Women

IMAGE CREDITS: (left to right) Mary Santos Barros: Courtesy of Naia Barros, Eulalia Mendes: Courtesy of Spinner Publications Archive, Jennie Horne: Courtesy of Lighting the Way, Rosemary Tierney: Courtesy of The Standard-Times.

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