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Photograph Of Martha Bush Gray - A Woman With Her Dark Hair Pulled Back, Wearing A Blackdress And Jacket With A White Shirt Underneath

Martha Bush Gray

Known as the “Mother of the 54th,” Martha Bush Gray was an African American Civil War nurse who served the troops of the 54th and 55th Massachusetts Regiments in the South.

Amelia Piper

Abolitionist Amelia Piper (1796-1856), as one of the managers of the New Bedford Female Union Society, organized one of the first anti-slavery fairs in New Bedford held on January 1, 1840.
Photograph Of Rosamond A. Guinn - A Woman With Her Dark Hair Tied Back In A Bun, Wearing A Flowy White Dress

Rosamond Guinn

The first African American woman to become a registered pharmacist in southeastern Massachusetts, Rosamond Alice Guinn (1892-1923) graduated from New Bedford High School and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.
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